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October 4th, 2011CoincidenceDr. Kirby Surprise 5 Comments

One cool autumn day I was sitting in my car waiting to pick up a friend. I was parked on the campus of a state university in the Catskills and was listening to the radio to pass the time. During a commercial break an ad for the movie “Carrie” was played. It was about a teenager who discovers she has the ability to move objects at a distance. My thoughts drifted slowly into fantasies about what it would actually be like to experience moving an object this way. I had seen the film; during it’s climax Carrie uses her power to demolish her family home. As I looked across campus I saw an old cottage that used to house visiting faculty. Focusing on the house, I fantasized about what being able to move an object that large would be like. I was remembering an old National Inquirer headline about a house that supposedly was turned over on it’s side by some psychic force. I was wondering what effect such a power would have psychologically on a person, how it might affect their object relations to not have to physically operate on objects around them.

As I stared at the house and fantasized about being able turn it over with a thought, the entire cottage seemed to shudder violently. The house started to move. It rolled over onto its side so that the roof was now facing me. I was astonished, panicky and started to do a reality check. I stared at the overturned house and asked myself “Could I have really done what it seemed like I’d just done?” “No”, I answered. Not being prone to hallucinations I wondered if this was just a very vivid dream, if I were actually asleep. I decided I was awake and the event was real.
“OK” I said to myself. “If I just did that, then I want to see the house crushed into a pile of debris like in the movie.”
This was of course intended to prove that it was impossible to have moved the house in the first place. As I stared awestruck the house again began to shudder. The roof started to collapse inward as if the center of the house were slowly imploding. Beams burst through walls, windows shattered, as the house began to break apart. A moment later I saw a flash of yellow paint above the house, then the largest bulldozer I’d ever seen, with a scoop large enough to drive my car into, climbed lazily over the center of the house crushing the structure into rubble in a few moments. It then started to load the debris into waiting dump trucks. The house had been at just the right angle to obscure the demolition equipment from sight, and with the radio on and windows up, I couldn’t hear the tractor engine or smell any diesel fumes. My fantasy had come to pass, my wish fulfilled, if even for only a moment, through a series of synchronistic events.”

Imagine living in a world in which your thoughts and feelings, your memories and experiences, are reproduced in the events around you as coincidences. Take this a step further; imagine it’s not just you with this ability, but everyone. Now imagine that this is not some world of science fiction or fantasy, but this very world around you, at this very moment. This seemingly fantastic proposition is the theme of the site you are now reading, that you already are changing the pattern of events around you, as is everyone else, but that this seemingly magical ability goes largely unnoticed, unexplained and misunderstood.

For those readers who are already aware of synchronistic events, I offer this model as the personal mythology of another amazed and amused observer. To the reader who is just becoming interested in synchronistic events, I offer a paradox and word of caution. Synchronistic events are a mirror held up to the mind of the observer. It has been my experience that if a person is not aware of, or does not choose to believe in synchronistic events, synchronicity will oblige them by not presenting them with any. I see no problem with this; awareness of synchronistic events is not a critical skill for survival or growth, indeed they may become an unwelcome distraction. If, however, you choose to become aware of the synchronistic events that surround each one of us on a daily basis, and learn that they are as natural as any common experience, you will have to live with that knowledge, and synchronistic events, most probably for the rest of your life. Such knowledge becomes part of who you are through experience and is not easily forgotten or ignored. So, if you’re looking for a nice piece of purely intellectual entertainment without the potential of making you aware of a new level of, this model is not for you. Similarly, if you would rather not spend time staring into the funhouse mirror of your own mind, you might want to turn your attention elsewhere. If however you would like to take the chance of embarking on an adventure of exploration through synchronistic events, and don’t mind that certainty is nowhere to be found, read on, and do leave your comments and experiences.

  • Saphiregm

    While walking down an empty street with two friends I was skipping high school classes with, I suddenly broke the silence to ” wish for five dollars so we could go for lunch because I’m hungry”. As I said this a five dollar bill came rolling down the street in the same wind that was blowing dead leaves along. The five dollar bill landed on my foot. We proceeded to buy some snacks with it.

    • Anonymous

      Very Nice. Thanks. Although SE can’t be relied on, in many instances its a case of sometimes you get what you need.

      • Saphiregm

        I’m in the middle of your book and am enjoying it thoroughly! I came to similar conclusions about this phenomena based on my life experiences, so I really appreciate the charity of thought and articulation skills you brought to the subject. It’s hard to talk about without implying belief systems and forcing certainty. I have seen the dangers and find it best when a lighthearted attitude is kept. The finding money was delightful and funny.

        When my son was tenor so he forgot his money at home and called me in a panic from a phone booth. While I was preparing my other son to bring him some cash, the pay telephone started ejecting coins like a slot machine. He got about $10 from it. Must have been for inflation!

        • Anonymous

          On a purely selfish note: If you like the book, would you be willing to rate it or review it on Amazon? Thanks.


  • Judy

    I have been thinking about synchronicity for the past few years ever since I met my wife In an elevator in a town neither of us lived in. I am an ontologically trained life coach, and have been noticing/creating more and more SE’s over the past few months. And I’m noticing concepts that block the possibility of synchronicities in the workplace (artificial “alignment”) and wonder what your thoughts are on that. Have I given you enough of a question for you to be able to respond?

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