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January 7th, 2012Synchronistic EventsDr. Kirby Surprise 37 Comments

A simple reflection


You have the ability to increase or decrease the number and type of SE.  In the following example I had “set” SE to a minimum for several weeks.  I needed a new reflection SE as a simple demonstration that the SE could be started up again simply by looking.  I was a little apprehensive about getting what I needed from SE on short notice.  About a half hour later I was at a friend’s house for a dinner party.  I had arrived early, and when I asked if I could help set up, my friend asked me to get the last chair from the kitchen and bring it into the dining room.  Entering the kitchen I heard the song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Choen playing from a laptop on the kitchen table.  As I reached around the table and grasped the kitchen chair the song said;


“She tied you to a kitchen chair

She broke your throne, and she cut your hair

And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah.”

 Just to close the circle a bit, I said Hallelujah along with the song in thanks and relief for getting the SE I needed to tell you about here.

  • Bill Cass

    That kind of thing happens to me all the time.  I was wondering how that works.
    Oh yeah I am your cousin from San Diego  I knew you dad, my uncle Tex

    • Anonymous

      I have a cousin? Would love to talk.

      • Bill Cass

        email me or call me   or call my cell 619-417-2019  Your mom called me and told me about you so I looked up your book and saw this blog.My name is
        Bill Cass   I am a retired FedEx employee

      • Randy McEachern

         See what kind of Syncronicity plays out in all kinds of situations. I wonder Doc is there anything specific you’ve “intended” to bring about family reunions like this?

      • Robbin_mackie

        You didn’t know you have a cousin?  Now that is something (but not a synchronicity!)  It could be called, “An example of the theory ‘Six Degrees!’ ” What do you think? Is that someone’s theory or is it just a movie?


  • Dledeboer

    Just through reading this blog I have started having SEs much more often. I’m intrigued by their presence and look forward to the book as well as the lecture at CIIS. The world is wider and woolier than we know….

  • Rick Abr

    I heard you on Coast to Coast tonight. I think what I have learned here may just change my life, pulling the threads together. I’ve read a lot of Jung lately looking for answers. My shrink tried to tell me about the mirror effect. I’m looking forward to playing with this. I am in dire straits.

    • Tjones

      Interesting.  I was listening to Coast to Coast just now and decided to get up and look into it myself.

  • mike

    …this is fascinating stuff..i just heard you on coast to coast this night and i hope they have you back soon,,Good show!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry about the dire strights. Don’t know your cercomstances, so I don’t have real advice, other than perhaps to try to distinguish between the pain caused by things you can not change, and the suffering we make for ourselves by our reactions to it. Blessed be and good luck.

  • moshea

    Heard you on Coast to Coast last night, and was fascinated by the concepts presented. I “look” forward to checking out your book. It was a great relief to know that my over-inflated sense of self importance in ALL things around me wasnt paranoia but more possibly my own higher sense of SE, Whew…I will further discuss this with my therapist whom I meet with Thursday. Curious, have you ever applied your concepts to the “recovering” alcoholic/addict? I ask because in recovery I’m for the first time in a LONG time focusing on my thoughts and emotions, rather than escaping from them or ignoring them. Its radical to me, almost overwhelming but your positions gave me a great sense of positive direction seeking to rationalize my reality, where up till now my introspection has led to much grief, regret and bruised self-esteem. For what its”positive results.”
    Thank You. 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the kind comment, but I think you are the one doing the work here, I just happened to be on the radio at the right moment.

  • Merman

    I was driving along the freeway in San Diego, just back from the surgeon who had removed what I thought might be breast cancer. At 23, 1972, I was bummed. Not as much hope back then. Even after the surgery revealed only a benign tumor, I was depressed. I started to read spiritual books, Be Here Now, and others, and began to see adversity in life as an opportunity to advance if aware of the lesson. The surgeon had a great “bedside” manner, and somehow knew just what to say to reassure me. I was thinking happy thoughts, and being grateful for having such a great healer for my doctor when I noticed the license plate in front of me read “Mr. Hope.” It really seemed like a Cosmic Joke at the time…. those days, I was getting a lot of them…….So, what’s the difference between this kind of “feedback” and my schizophrenic neighbor’s messages from inside a wall? I’ve often wondered if I could get a better understanding of what he goes through. Is it a matter of degree?

    • Anonymous

      SE and a person’s degree of mental health are separate issues. I work with both healthy and psychotic people who experience SE. To some extent people who’s reality testing has failed do see more SE, because that operate outside societal norms already. They don’t filter out a lot of experiences. SE, at their best, are a communications system between aspects of yourself. Maybe just below conscious awareness you were trying to tell yourself its not as bad as you were making it out to be. SE from truly psychotic people unfortunately often reflect the pattern of their delusional beliefs as well.

      Take SE under advisement, don’t believe everything you think. Thanks for the great story.

  • Marcuskavanagh

    These ideas has been around for decades, and i have been doing it for years, many people have discussed these ideas and if you seek it out you will find an enormous amount of information on the subject…we simply create our own reality. it is good that more information has been published on this subject to spread the word further…bringing the subject out from its esoteric origins and more into the mainstream..I’ll buy it when it is sold in the UK.

  • Katie

    Loved you on Coast to Coast!  Can’t wait till I can get your book!!!!   


    Yey, I got your book – thanks for having it available for Kindle.  I just started the read, but as I expected it is very well written and full of so much information, I will have to read it a few times (M.S. with cognitive issues).  I would love to know if you believe SE has anything to do with mediumship.  I work as a medium, but feel it is more of tapping into the universal mind or whatever you want to call that part of us that is all of us.  I can see that with the Tarot, I-Ching, Runes etc that SE would have a role, but do not feel that explains it in its entirety. I should say would be the case when the information is genuine.

     Do you teach?  My time working on my Psych. degree would have been much more interesting with these ideas being part of the curriculum!  Thank you so very much for the interesting read!  

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the kind words. I teach a very few individuals, but put the book out to more generally educate people about SE. Mediumship is a slippery topic in the sense that I don’t believe in individual existence in a very real sense. SE demonstrate this vividly. I have seen a few good mediums who were not doing what they thought. Rather than channel some outside being, they were creating an internal representation of a part of themselves and having the unconscious respond in character. That information can be insightful and correct is not surprising, as I don’t believe we are completely limited to time and space as we have been taught to think about them.

      Personally, I channel myself ;)

  • GAT

    I had a fun SE the other day. Well I think it was an SE anyway.I was expecting a package from Fed X. Some how I missed the delivery and ended up with a sticker on the door. I was disappointed because I really wanted to dig into my new toy ( a two stroke motor for my bike). I had a busy day planned needing to go to the bank and post office to secure an international business transaction. But living in a smaller town I was determined to find FEDX by driving around when I was done. SO just as I was about to start the day and head out the door I get a call from FedX saying I missed them. I asked them to call driver and give him my number and I would chase him down. He said ok but no guarantees and just be there tomorrow for sure.

    It took me two hours to get my business completed and off I went to search for FedX, no call yet, and away I went. I had several directions I could go but I drifted just at random thinking about my strategy and thinking fedx truck. Immediately around the first corner I saw the big 18 wheeler FedX truck and thought to myself, ” no you dummy a fed x delivery truck”, and kept on going. I saw a Post Office truck, then another, and another. I again chuckled ( im easily amused) and thought again, ” no you big dummy not post office mail trucks a fed x delivery truck”. The sightings of the Post office trucks occured over about a mile.

    I had a choice to go straight or go off to the right on a merging lane and I drifted to the right. Just as I was onto the road finishing the merge i saw a fed x trucked parked across the street in a stripmall parking lot AND another fed x truck pulling into the same parking lot. I was more amused :)

    Now I had to decide which truck to go to first. I decided the one who pulled in was the one and headed over to talk with him. I stop get out of my car and approach him and ask if he had the package. He was on the phone when I asked and he chuckled and said I was just calling you.

    His exact words were, “ wow talking about being in synch” I gave the book a plug and suggested to him to buy Sychronicity. I described the entire event to him we chuckled and I went home. .

    • GAT

      oh my it never stops your cousin is a retired fedx employee and I see my post just below his :)

    • Anonymous

      Wonderful story, thant’s exactly how synchronicity is supposed to work. Thanks for the story and the plug ;)


  • Ross Kelly

    We do not make it happen. 
    - Five Days in Varkala
     Gods’ Proof’s requiem

  • Ross Kelly

    We do not make it happen. … She does. 
    - Five Days in Varkala
     Gods’ Proof’s requiem

  • Ross Kelly

    My links didn’t post well so I’ll try again. 
    - Five Days in Varkala  …
     Gods’ Proof … …Devil's requiem … ...

  • Ross Kelly

    These are six perfect anagrams of a numerological anagram code that I was led to discover by a chain of real time synchronicity. I was not knowingly looking for a code. The code is pre-formulated to  prove that the events that happen in time were predetermined by the intelligence that set up the synchronicity (all synchronicity) and the code that proves that she did. The code turned  out, as I discovered 7 years after it’s completion in 2002 to be based on the mathematical constant Pi and it sometimes uses Pi to demonstrate that fact.

    The code’s creator has many names, ISIS is one of them but the one she uses for the purpose of personal identification is Ana in ANA GRAM. (Gram means WORD)

    I first heard about Kirby’s book yesterday but obviously the coder knew about it long before then and also knew when I would be posting these lines.

    BIAS TO No PI – 3.1415926535 – ARCHIMEDES 2/7…………………………………………………………….

    PI No IN THE SANE 1.3.12 CODE TO DR KIRBY .. 3.141………………………………………………………THE SANE 1.3.12 PI No CODE TO DR KIRBY .. 3.14159……………………………………………………….THE SANE 1.3.12 PI No CODE DR KIRBY .. 3.1415926………………………………………………………..THE 1.3.12 ANA CODE PI No DR KIRBY .. 3.14159265…………………………………………………………PI AS THE ANA CODE TO DR KIRBY .. 3.1415926535…………………………………………………………

    They are the same letters that you can see on my FB profile picture,

    More information can be seen by following the links I posted yesterday.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ross,

      The thing about all the code stuff is it doesn’t make any sense to anyone but the person that’s using the code. I’m not saying the code you have created doesn’t work for reading SE, for you, but it doesn’t make sense to anyone else who just sees a bunch of letters and numbers on a page. To an “uninitiated’ person it looks delusional. How about this: we agree that your code produces SE for you, like a devination system, and you report what the SE are telling you and what you think it means and why. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always had good results with  Ss on demand, – the manifestations
    were usually unexpected and witty. My experience with them tells that –
    yes, – we can affect the outer reality!

    • Anonymous

      So, here’s a thought; teach the other people around you how SE work. Lets get everyone we can to understand the way they are connected to SE and each other, and how to play with the universe around them. The idea of this book was to show people what they can already do with SE NORMALLY. If your up to it, spread the word.


      • Anonymous

         To experience SEs often, you should never take this world for granted. And you should  be creative enough to do what nobody does and to choose untrodden paths.  

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Dr. Surprise, I am reading your book, Chapter 8. You describe a SE – “materializing” of the Linda’s fictional character (p.131): “as if her writing had come alive and he had just walked off the pages” – wow!
    The history of literature knows amazing accounts like that ( a Titanic novel, Edgar Po’s shot story of cannibals on a boat, etc.) when writer’s fantasy “comes true”. I’d like to submit a similar story from my own synchronicity journal.
    Some years ago I started to paint a piece in oil “a girl riding a deer”(I am an artist). The male deer was supposed to symbolize, according to what I wanted to express, a friend of mine Michael. After making the drawing on canvas I started to choose a name for the girl. It took me some time, and at last the rare and beautiful name Iya (“violet”) was picked from the Book of All Saints – there was a Christian Martyr Iya. I added a hallo around the girl’s head.
    In a day, it was Archangel Michael’s holiday, and I went to my church. After the service, I was talking to my friends when an unknown woman approached to greet us. Her name was Iya, she came to the church to pray for her husband Michael and her son, also Michael. We became the best friends. Then, I finished my painting. After she had seen the painting, she showed me photos of her childhood – the similarity with the image in the painting was stunning…
    What’s interesting: Iya is one of very few who experiences SEs often and tells me her stories. Almost always I have something to add to her accounts – so that we have amazing mutual SEs in clusters!    

  • David Lee Moser

    I just received your book yesterday at Barnes and Noble and found it hard to put down.  I have being going through some emotional turmoil of sorts here of late and truly believe in SE and the fact they are communicating from a higher level of conscience.

    Finding myself in one of those psychologically-perplexing places this morning, I wrote in my journal the following phrase: “Faith Amidst the STORMS in My Mind.”  I read a bit further in your book during the morning hours and began to understand that SE were manifested when I was most in tuned to the desire to have them.

    Later in the afternoon, an unseasonable thunderSTORM came through our area.  I noted it’s position on the radar and watched its progress. Although it wasn’t the most violent of storms, it did produce a fair amount of lightning and thunder.

    A bit later, I logged onto Facebook and saw a friend I had talked to earlier in the day was online.  Our discussion had centered around surrendering as a central part of 12-step recovery.  When I thanked her for the earlier insights, she shared a song that she had used as a mantra during a particularly difficult time in her life.  It was ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Rogers and Hammerstein.  The first stanza of the song is: “When you walk through a STORM, Hold your head up high, and don’t be afraid of the dark.”  That was the third occurrence of the word “storm” for the day.

    So the emotional turmoil that I experienced earlier in the day continued to play itself out as the day progressed and it was reflected in the reoccurrence of the word “storm” and an actual storm.  I take from this experience a heightened awareness of SE and know that I must be open to there presence in order to recognize them.

    On a more practical level, I am now using the words to the Rogers and Hammerstein song as a mantra of my own.  I also am paying particular attention to the content of the discussion my friend and I had earlier in the day that prompted her to share the song with me.

    I am looking forward to reading even more of your book.

    David Lee

    • David Lee Moser

      And even as we speak, there appears to be a second, more intense storm headed this way.

      • Anonymous

        Hi David, it seems as though you are off to a wonderful start with the SE. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • David Lee Moser

      And so, the second day of SE’s continues.  I was on FB this morning and saw a picture that was accompanied by a verse from scripture:  ”When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.” (Isaiah 43:2)  Later in the day, I recharged a battery on an IPod I hadn’t used in quite a while and started listening to a podcast by James McDonald.  The talk was centered around God’s promises and you might would guess, Isaiah 43:2 was the verse in which one of the promises he spoke of is contained.  I immediately went back in and confirmed that was indeed the verse I had seen and “liked” on FB earlier.

      I also might mention that many of my SE’s are surrounding the number twenty-three.  For lunch today, I was invited to go with several recovery friends and my bill was $10.58 and 10 + 5 + 8 = 23.  I did as I usually will do and took a picture of the total and posted it on FB.  A friend commented that the amount of the tax was 0.69 and that 69/3 = 23.  So once again I had received confirmation that I was one the right path for my life.

      I guess the main question is “What do I do with these SE’s?”  I have received assurance that the God of my understanding is always with me, regardless of what my mind might be telling me.  It has help to bolster my faith during a time of spiritual awakening that is a part of 12 step recovery.

      I can only anticipate what else will be revealed to me as the days progress.

      David Lee

      • Anonymous

        Hi David,

        I would be an exceedingly poor person to give you advice on your SE. My opinion is that you’re talking to aspects of yourself, that you are the God your seeking and that is always with you, and that any ideas of deity seperate from you is a form of spiritual poison that robs you of the possibility of realizing “you and your father are one.” Thing is, you’re obviously excited and interested in your spiritual path, and it sounds like it may have saved your life as part of the 12 step program. You’re operating system is different than mine, and most certainly works better for you.

        If you wanted my advice on what to do with the SE, it would be simply this; prove to yourself whether the idea of SE as mirror, or SE as message, is correct by generating some yourself by conscious choice. Pick a different number and watch as it starts to manifest, talk to the god of a different religion or belief system and watch how the characteristics and personality of the SE change to match what you’re looking for. Instead of following SE, play with them. Have fun and please keep us updated.


        • Moedave5923

          Thanks for your reply…. I am rereading it and letting it soak in…. Meanwhile, an interesting series of SE’s today in my life… I ate breakfast and was given a ticket 065075, which sums to “23″,,, I ate lunch at another restaurant and was given a ticket with the number 914 and 9 + 14 = 23… On my way up to the mountains, I got behind several cars with license tags that summed to “23″,,, I took a pic of one of them and posted it, as I did the others, on my FB page… 

          While I was in the mountains, I got an email from a friend in Arizona (I’m in NC) asking what was up with all the 23 pics being posted… I sent her a link to my blog that explains a bit of it and its meaning for me… She said that her fave number is “36″,,, Just a few minutes later, she posted a picture of a Phoenix Fire Department vehicle with a large “36″ on the side… She said the article and the appearance of the vehicle appeared within a very short while of one another….

          So in a way, I indirectly followed your advice about picking another number with the above series of events.  I posted my pics, a friend asked what it was all about, I relayed an article that told of my interest, and within a short while her fave number appears right beside her in traffic….

          I will continue to post as times goes on….

  • Georgi

    I just ordered the kindle book. Synchronicity events fascinate me, they have been a continuous source of Happy. How awesome to have a book to read about it! Found it through a facebook page…
    SuperConsciousness Magazine.

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