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December 22nd, 2011Synchronistic EventsDr. Kirby Surprise 5 Comments

A few weeks ago I was driving to work when my car, a 2002 PT cruiser, began making a loud whining noise, coming from somewhere under the hood. Not wanting to think about the possible causes and expenses for this potential problem I quickly decided on a brilliant temporary solution, turn on the radio, drown out the noise, and hope it went away. Perpetually tuned to NPR, the first sounds from the radio was a voice of a man saying he car sounded like Larry from the Three Stooges, that his car was going “Wooo…Wooo….Woooo”, just like my car was at that very moment. I had apparently tuned in to a segment of “car Talk” in which the caller was playing “Stump the Chumps.” They told the caller you believed the problem was his power steering pump was failing, and you sounded a little incredulous to learn from him that this was not the problem.

I pulled over at the nearest gas station, and on checking my car’s power steering fluid level, found it very low. Quickly purchasing a container of power steering fluid, I filled the reservoir, and magically the noise stopped. It appears that their diagnosis was correct; they just had the wrong car.

  • Elaine Davis

    Yes, I am a believer of what we believe we receive.  Years ago, after purchasing a RV in AZ, I had the trek of driving back home to CO.  The rear tire was low and showed severe weather rotting.  We stopped at a gas station and being on a Sunday, there were no mechanics available.  I asked the gas station attendant what were the odds of getting back to CO, an eight hour drive, without a new tire.  He replied 50 50.  So I told my passenger the odds and stated out loud, I will take the 50% that we make it.  Sure enough we made it, bought a new tire the next day and enjoyed years of traveling. 
    Thank you, I really enjoyed your talk on Coast to Coast this a.m.

  • Sentral911

      I put down the book I was reading on sync. by Jung and I had the thought that winter was coming on and I thought I’d better go get some antifreeze for the truck. So I go down to the auto parts store and as I’m going in the door I think ‘I don’t recall seening where it is so I’ll ask a clerk.  Just as I enter the store I hear this customer asking a clerk where the anti freeze is! (the idea that thinking about sync. caused it to happen more often came to mind) So I just follow along behind the other customer.  But it occured to me I could just go across the street to the discount store and save a couple bucks. So I did.  As I pulled into a parking space I see in that same parking space, on the ground a metallic green glaze/stain that had to have been anti freeze that leaked from some car.  

  • Paththyme2rti

    I will try to make this quick, my friend and i turn 55 this year, she just turned 55 on the 5Th week of the year. Before this I was seeing # 5 and #55 so much, we joked about it and of course wondered what all the synchronicity was all about. one day not too long ago I was thinking a lot about the story of Ann Frank, I wanted to read the book and see the movie again. well, a few days after thinking about it I was in a store and walked by the book department and decided to take a look at what they may have I might want to get. just simply looking at books, not looking for anything in particular. well, there it was for $4.95 the book, ” Ann Frank the Diary of a Young Girl”, so I purchased it with much excitement. I finished reading it on Monday afternoon and Monday night as i scrolled the TV channels with the remote I stopped on turner classics one I hardly ever watch, I wanted to see what old movie they were going to run, well, guess what, yes it was “The Diary of Ann  Frank”. I told my wonderfully metaphysical neighbor about it, and all she said was, “Synchronicity”. Well, that night  I listened to coast to coast as I often do, and the first thing I heard when I turned on the radio last night was George Noory and you, Dr Kirby Surprise, talking about Synchronicity.  and of course I heard the joke about the man who turned 55, too funny. I have always noticed synchronicity, and laughing say, oh what a co-inky-dink. I guess its OK to shake the head and laugh it off, but in reality i never truly laugh it off, I definitely ponder, huh, without pondering there would be no synchronicity. Well, thanks for the insight, I enjoyed you on coast to coast I think I will have to buy the book, “Synchronicity”. You mentioned an author or person on coast to coast that you and George both spoke of briefly,  I was thinking he was an author I had a book by and was very excited, I get the book off my shelf this morning and its an entirely different person, (Paul Philips; ph.d, he wrote, “Time-Space Transcendence.) Well, I cant remember the name of the person you and George mentioned, but I’m sure some synchronicity will tell me who it was, I just know the person is someone else I was fascinated by. Oh by the way, time-space-transcendence is about synchronicity, etc.  Thanks, Deb M.

  • David Lee Moser

    I have just ordered your book at Barnes and Noble and will be looking forward to reading it.  I have been a fan of synchronicity for the past nine-and-a-half years.  I am in recovery from alcoholism and have experienced a great spiritual awakening during my journey.  Synchronicity has revealed much to me about the path I’m on and has given me assurance that there is more than meets the eye to those that are willing to be open to it.

    As a former math teacher, many of my synchs are numerical in nature, although certainly not limited to that form.  I am often times amazed at what I’m able to learn from being observant and open to the fact synchronicity occurs on a regular basis, especially when I seem to be struggling for connection.

    Carl Jung was one of the first to understand the value of AA in helping alcoholics recover from their disease.  Quite a synch in and of itself that he worked a lot with synchronicity in his studies.  Synchronicity has helped illustrate to me how there is order amidst the chaos in our world.

    I have written a blog that illustrates one example of how I have used synchronicity in my journey and would love to get some feedback on it. This reading can be found at:

    I’m glad I found your book and this site and look forward to visiting here often.

    David Lee

  • Ritakowats

    Yes, SE is everywhere.  It no longer astounds me as it used to.  But we do have to invite it, I think.  Perhaps not with a conscious request, as much as living a lifestyle that enables it.  I experience SE more often and more poignantly when I live a slower pace.
    In a spiritual counseling session once I was illustrating the meaning of synchronicity to someone by telling about Jung’s experience with the beetle on the windowsill.  When I finished the story she quietly reached into her bag and handed me a photo, saying, “And here is your beetle.”  She had taken the photo the day before.  I remember being more attentive to my inner life at this time, on vacation from my hectic, fast-paced teaching job.

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“Synchronicity is teeming with delightful and often compelling surprises about the nature of meaningful coincidences in contemporary life. The author’s prose is playful, provocative, and profound. Though you may not agree with all of Professor Surprise’s conclusions, this book should be required reading for anyone wanting to understand the magnificence and mystery of synchronicity.”
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“An interesting mix of mythology, neuroscience, and common sense, this book takes a serious, but light-hearted look at the way synchronicity works and the degree to which it can be controlled. Going well beyond the ideas of Jung, synchronicity’s discoverer, psychotherapist Surprise draws on anthropology, String Theory, and Walt Disney to make the case that our internal states do effect external events....”
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A true thriller from cover to cover—Kirby Surprise proves that there really is nothing more fascinating and mysterious than the human mind.
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