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July 15th, 2012Synchronistic EventsDr. Kirby Surprise 3 Comments

Listen to Dr. Surprise speak on Synchronicity in the Speaking section of this site.  Go to the Speaking section and click on a one of the links.

I have had the pleasure of speaking about synchronicity (SE) on more than 40 national and international radio shows, and have presented to private groups and in academic settings.  In the speaking section you will find some of these archived interviews and presentations.  In each the goal has always been to make the audience aware that SE occur around each of us all the time, if we but look for them.  Even more remarkably, you are the source of the SE you experience and already have the ability to create patterns of events by simply focusing your attention on the patterns you wish to create.  In my presentations I give some of the scientific evidence and reasoning for this seemingly outlandish claim, and hopeful a few entertaining stories.  Please feel free to give a listen, and perhaps send in some stories of your own.

  • Darren B

    Hi Dr.Surprise,
    I really liked the tugboat /supertanker analogy of how the brain works in your book and it reminded me of a “South Park”episode starring (well sort of) Russell Crowe,who is a tugboat captain who drives his tugboat literally to the point of suicide.
    I did a post here about it,and even rejigged a kinder surprise egg to read Kirby Surprise.
    Hope you like it -


    • Anonymous

      Hi Darren,

      High five to another South Park fan. The Russell Crowe analogy is just hysterical, and exactly on target, thanks so much, I have to find a way to integrate it into my talks (if you don’t mind.) The Egg is pretty funny as well, take it as a compliment. Thanks.


      • Darren B

        I wrote a long post that I thought went through,but seems to have disappeared into the hyperspace of the net.
        Anyway,feel free to use what you like on my blog…and I’m enjoying your book.

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Dr. Kirby Surprise

Dr. Surprise received his Doctorate in psychology in 2007 from the institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco, his masters in psychodynamic and transpersonal psychology from John F. Kennedy University in 1988. Dr. Surprise received his license as a psychologist in 2009, and currently works in an advanced outpatient program for the state of California.

Book Reviews

“Synchronicity is teeming with delightful and often compelling surprises about the nature of meaningful coincidences in contemporary life. The author’s prose is playful, provocative, and profound. Though you may not agree with all of Professor Surprise’s conclusions, this book should be required reading for anyone wanting to understand the magnificence and mystery of synchronicity.”
—Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, professor of psychology and medicine, The University of Arizona, and author of The Sacred Promise


“An interesting mix of mythology, neuroscience, and common sense, this book takes a serious, but light-hearted look at the way synchronicity works and the degree to which it can be controlled. Going well beyond the ideas of Jung, synchronicity’s discoverer, psychotherapist Surprise draws on anthropology, String Theory, and Walt Disney to make the case that our internal states do effect external events....”
—Anna Jedrziewski, New Age Retailer


A true thriller from cover to cover—Kirby Surprise proves that there really is nothing more fascinating and mysterious than the human mind.
—Linda Watanabe McFerrin, Author of The Hand of Buddha and Dead Love (Stone Bridge Press, 2010)