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January 7th, 2012Synchronistic EventsDr. Kirby Surprise 32 Comments

After proofreading this book, I wanted to test out the claim that anyone can create SEs. So, I decided to pick a random noun to be the center of the SEs, Australia. I have never been to Australia, I have a very limited knowledge of the country, and I know no one from there. This seemed to be the perfect random noun to test the book’s claim. Within a day, however, Australia was everywhere in my life. I met someone from Australia on BART when coming back home from the East Bay. He was a young man with dirty blond hair and he was wearing baggy cargo shorts. There was nothing on him to indicate he was from Australia and if our conversation hadn’t shifted to where we each were from, I would never have found out. When I got off BART, I picked up a  stuffed koala a child had dropped on the street by Daily City Bart Station. Later, I found the child who owned the koala by the 28 Bus Stop with her mother (who was wearing a Safari hat). While doing laundry, Pandora (which I had set on the Sara Bareilles station) played a song by a singer I have never heard about, Kylie Minogue. She is from Australia. By now these SEs were getting out of hand, so I went to the gym thinking that there will be absolutely nothing Australia related in a YMCA. I was wrong. My favorite magazines were missing from the stack they leave for stationary aerobic training. In there place was Cat Fancy, the New Yorker, and Women’s Health. Not knowing that the last one was from Australia, I picked it up and started on the stationary bike. It took 3 pages to see that it was from Australia! Then the news was on the flat screens and a reported was showing how Australians celebrate the holiday season…

By the end of the day, I was convinced that I could create SEs, but also that if I was not careful, they will become rampant. I had to learn to ignore the Australia SEs around.


  • Pirate Jenny

    This is making me laugh is the purest, sweetest way – because I’m getting random synchronistic attacks of Koalas – you’re the first person i’ve told… 

  • Celeste Alexandra McCandlish

    guess what, Im an australian. fate accompli

  • jo

    It happens often because once you are tuned into something  those events or thoughts,ideas,readings that never meant anything to you suddenly pop up and it feels like it is synchonistic.Actually it is because once you become aware of a word or thought you now see,or hear of it more often,only because it is now a thought in your mind.Before your test, those same seemingly coincidences, were not of interest so your mind did not digest them.cThis has happened to me often.

    • Anonymous

      Un-bear-abley cute ;)

    • Randy McEachern

      I can accept what you say Jo. Our brains have what they call the reticular activation system or  r.a.s. for short. Say you’ve never owned a Subaru and you buy one, suddenly you see them everywhere. That’s your r.a.s at work.

      But consider this, I recently came to love the song These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things from the wonderful Sound of Music film. I recently learned all the lyrics and sing it to myself and with my nephew when we’re going somewhere in the car. Suddenly I hear it everywhere. At a small flea market with only two vendors this Native American man sold me a beautiful music box that played the song. He only had the one music box and it was out of the ordinary, I also bought a machete from him and a fake dirty diaper, so I now attribute this to syncronicity. Later, during Christmas time here in Minnesota I was hearing it on the radio. It’s Christmas music now? I asked my girlfriend if she has ever heard it during Christmas and she can’t recall it being, as she thinks about it she realizes that she’s been hearing it more lately too. Coincidence…I don’t think so.

      There is something more than just simple coincidences going on here. The book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind elaborates beautifully on many wonderful amazing things our minds do and are capable of that we normally aren’t taught about. I have not read Dr. Surprises’ book however I will keep it on the short list as it is a fascinating area of study and the more we know the more of our true power we can consciously utilize.

      Imagine if everyone in the world consciously focused on things like love, gratitude, peace, or abundance. Imagine what kind of a world we’d be creating then. The Intention Experiment by Lynn Mctaggart is a great read where scientifically they go about testing this out with results that have to be seen to be believed. I really wish as a people, as human beings, we would all get more of this kind of education earlier in life and use this throughout life. That would be one of my favorite things. Namaste

      • Anonymous

        Amen, Randy, amen.

        • Lynne

          Kirby have just listened to you on megs show – awesome thank you and so agree with your AMEN

          Lynne in New Zealand

          • Anonymous

            Thanks Lynne, Glad you liked the show.


      • Dave

        your words inspire.

  • Daren Daniels

    Have you ever had a coincidental experience that is so profound, that it makes you question the true nature of reality? You know what I’m talking about; you’re thinking about a loved one you haven’t seen in years and suddenly the phone rings – guess who it is? Or, you’re driving down the road singing along to the song “Crocodile Rock” on the radio and you look out your driver’s side window at the tow truck in the next lane. On the door of the tow truck is a company logo which reads, “Crocodile Towing!”…that actually happened to me!
    Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, referred to these profound experiences as “Synchronicity.” He further defined Synchronicity as an “Accusal Connection Principle.” In other words, we experience a group of seemingly related events, in which their connection appears to be causeless.
    I’ve had many synchronicity experiences in my life; some long forgotten, some I will never forget. Over the years, Synchronicity has had more influence in shaping my spiritual life than anything else. Many of these deeply profound experiences have left me speechless, some have driven me to tears.
    I recall one very impactful event in which I was on a road trip to Michigan with my girlfriend to visit my family. My daughter back in Colorado had recently given birth to a baby girl and I was excited to tell everyone about her. But suddenly something terrible happened – I couldn’t remember my grand daughters name to save my life! As my girlfriend took her turn driving, I reclined my seat, closed my eyes and concentrated on trying to remember her name. As I laid back and struggled to remember, I could feel her name just out of reach. After about an hour of deep concentration, I pulled my seat back up to give myself a break. As I stared out the window, we came upon a big green highway sign – “Madison 12 miles.” Yes, my grand daughter’s name is Madison. I sat there shocked and speechless for quite some time.
    There’s a strong tendency for us to want to ascribe meaning to these experiences. Indeed, we would like to believe that the very hand of God has reached down and intervened in our lives. And depending on how you define God, who could argue with you? After such shocking experiences, that tendency is quite understandable. Over the years, I’ve come to believe that synchronicity experiences are set in motion by strong emotional states of mind. Whether those emotional states of mind come in the form of meditation, concentration or even prayer, it emanates from us in the form of energy. Then, like from a mirror, it is reflected back to us in the form of a synchronicity event. I believe that we are intimately involved in our own experiences of Synchronicity.
    One of my more recent experiences is worth mentioning. I recently received a message from my daughter on Facebook; the message – “I love you lots!” Her message touched me deeply, probably more than she knows. I have a nick name for my daughter that I’ve called her, ever since she was very little – “Wood Nymph.” I responded to her post with my own message – “I love you too Wood Nymph, more than you know.” I thought it would be funny to post a picture of a Wood Nymph on her Facebook wall and tell her I had found a picture of her. In the process of searching online for Wood Nymph images, I learned something interesting. A Wood Nymph is often times depicted as a fairy, whose body has merged with wild vegetation. I found several images where these entities had wild plants protruding from their limbs or leaves emanating from their hair – a hybrid of plant and human. The next evening I was laying in bed watching TV. Suddenly a commercial came on for Skittles candy. What I found surprising is that the commercial depicted a young man with a tree branch growing out of his chest. From the tree branch, Skittles were harvested – a hybrid of plant and human! I immediately made the connection. A few days later I was watching a movie called “The Fountain.” This movie depicts a young woman who dies of cancer and becomes a tree. Her distraught lover (Hugh Jackman) sits under the tree and communicates with her by eating small pieces of her bark. She had become – a hybrid of plant and human! I was blown away!
    Experiences like these have meant a lot to me over the years. They have revealed to me a reality in which my states of mind can set in motion deeply personal spiritual experiences. I am content in taking these experiences as they come, without trying to figure out some deeper meaning. The experience itself is enough to leave me in awe…to leave me feeling like I’m connected to something greater than myself.

  • Billyfbnks

    refer to neville goddard to create reality…….thomas  troward  …these were american mystics who had many followers – neville goddard during 1950s/1960s and troward during early 1900s….they had followers because their teaching works…for author who says you can create reality…well then he asnt looked ino teachings of neville goddard or tried them out….by the way…neville goddard teachings have been out so long…much of it is free on the internet and library…

  • Patrick in Australia

    You never heard of Kylie Minogue! Now THAT’S very strange indeed!

    Anyhow, here’s another e-mail from the Blue Mountains of NSW — in Australia . . .

  • Merman

    So, this is what happened when I was in the throes of fear-of-flying. I would focus on death comments, stores about death, plane crashes, etc. I was reconfirming my mental state by honing in on this message in the environment. 

  • Michaelolson

    Jo, what you are saying CAN be true, but what is called syncronicity also happens. I’ll give you a really good example. On facebook my brother joined George Takei page. My brother has been sharing posts George has been making. I started thinking of George in the past few days. Yesterday I bought a dvd of the show robot chicken, the Star Wars 3 episode. In it there is a skit that has a stormtrooper accidently burning down Lukes Aunt and Uncles hut, and they crawl out as skeletons. And I thought at the time, it didn’t show them as skeletons in the movie, just burnt piles. I finished the dvd, it was only an hour long, and went on the net and looked in on my facebook page. My brother had a link to something current George posted. He posted it at the time I was watching the dvd. It is a picture of two action figures from Star Wars, Lukes Aunt and Uncle as burnt skeletons, and Georges comment is Remains to be seen. If you go on his page you’ll find what I am talking about. This is one example of many.

  • Scott

    I read a book a few months ago that I think was titled “7 steps to Synchronicity” written by two Hollywood screenwriters (Indiana Jones, etc.)and was so glad that someone described as a “system of living” what I thought could be the greatest untalked about paranormal experience in the world today—-coincidence.
    I believe that the part of the brain (80% ??) that we do not regularly use can be developed BY just noticing the little things around us that seemingly intersect by accident…….by intersect I mean have a relatable meaning that just occurs out of nowhere. People you meet, things you see, that suddenly have a meaning for you that maybe your previous way of thinking said that was a coincidence……..if you keep AWARE. I think that you could possibly map out your life to some small or great extent by responding in action to these SE’s.
    If anyone knows where there is more material on this, PLEASE reply………thanks for indulging me, but this perhaps is my favorite subject.

    • Anonymous

      To a large extent, that is what this book is about, it shows the way the brain works as a pattern processing system, and how to be aware of working with it to see and create SE.

    • XEquals RDspared
      • Anonymous

        One of the things I’m hopeing to teach people is that SE are a normal part of everyday life. The pattens we see in SE are reflections of out automated brain processes. We actually use 100% of the brain, but it works so well that we think of it as not there. For example, more than half the brain processes snsory input frombillions of sensory nervs, and constructs out reality and snse of ourselves for us. Some SE result from the additions and pattern enhancements the brain does automtically. We use it all, nature dosen’t keep what it doesn’t use.

  • Joan Stutes

    I just love this experiment so much that I am going to try it — not Australia, but something random.

  • GAT

    Aren’t SE’s like getting a new car and then noticing those same types of cars everywhere? Sort of like if you focus on birds, let’s say, you won’t see the rabbits, chip monks, or worms as much. My grandfather taught me about SE’s when I was very young. He didn’t call them that, he had a german word he used that I can not rememebr, but as he taught me dimensional analysis, how to focus my mind, and other things he said that SE’s are a clue to how well you are doing focusing on your goals and staying on track. I live in a world of SE’s as a result of his teaching me things from about 6 yo -15 yo. I really appreiciate the book it is helping me understand better his mind and my own. Well off to the rabbit hole for me :) I’ll shut up now…  

  • Cisco

    Mr. Surprise, What a wonderful breathe of fresh wisdom, I just listened to you on the Dr. Meg show,twice and have downloaded the mp3 to listen again.  Your explanations were great can’t wait to read your book.  I can confirm all this with the love I have for my car, her name is Saffire, an amazing 85 Subaru that fixes herself or let’s me know when she really needs work. 

  • Jerianne Austin

    I believe that I have information on synchronicity that may be of interest to you, some of which belies some of your conclusions in your book.  I, also, am an epiricist and test out my ideas on synchronicity and have been doing so for over 30 years now.  I would like to share with you some of my conclusions.   Would you be interested in hearing in more detail what I have to share?

    • Anonymous

      Sure, post away.


  • Aviela

    I’m listening to your Awakening Zone radio interview: I agree it’s can be a choice, but if it’s happening unconsciously, then one might not know how to stop it and is it possible that the unconscious doesn’t want to stop it????
    do we need to guide it??? it’s coming from programming???

    • Anonymous

      Better to look at SE as an automatic process that you have the choice of paying attention to, guiding, or not, as you please. All of your perceptions are programmed and edited by the unconscious. SE are just one facet of the normal processing you do anyway.

  • Scott young

    I for one, would love to hear anything new on synchronicity that helps prove that we are linked by the subconscious in a way that “maps out” direction in our lives……my thought is that it seems when I DO follow synchronistic direction by following up on connections brought to my attention by “coincidence” I usually have successful outcome………let me (us) know, please!

    • Anonymous

      Depends on the relationship you have with your unconscious. Please see the book for more information as email is very time consuming. Thanks.


  • Gthatcher

    Well it is events like this that make me think there is more to Synchronicity then just a random set of noticed circumstances.

    I go to a forum where we ask questions about religion and several different denominations answer the questions based on their face. it is quite diverse as you can imagine as we have  jews, muslims, Christians, buddoist, and so many more.

    The topic of the week was about the power of the Holy Spirit and the unforgivable sin agianst the Holy Spirit. The dialog went on for many pages and opinions were varied. We have a rule that no one can argue right or wrong we just post our thoughts and leave it at that.

     Well 10 days prior my wife and I planned a trip to the Confluence of Brice creek and Thompson creek (125 miles from home) to do some gold prospecting where the gravel bar builds up where the creeks meet. SO the whole week the Holy Spirit discussion is going on this forum, and I was introduced to many new ideas. I was brought up a Christian Baptist and things were pretty much cut and dry growing up. But I enjoyed reading some of the Jewish ideas as well as some of the mennonite concepts.

    So the week end comes and off the wife and I go to Brice creek. On the way we talk about the subjects I was reading on the forum ( She doesnt read that forum) and we discussed  the different ideas. But I still have these nagging questions I want to understand and I really hate, ‘Do as I say, not as I do” religion. SO I know I have some studying to do when I get home.

    Well we arrive and have to cross a 40 yard creek with 70 lbs of stuff and walk another 100 yeards up the bank to get to the gravel bar. I see a rock where we can set up and head over ther and place our equipment down. As I turn to ponder the beautiful landscape and area I see a little white book lying just behind a large boulder. A boulder by the way where gold would normally fall out of the current and collect.

    The little white book is call SPIRIT FILLED, The overflowing power of the Holy Spirit. It answers three questions. Who is worthy to receive the Holy Spirit? What is the Sin against the Holy Spirit? How can you determine who is filled with the Holy Spirit.

    Funny thing too is theplacement of the book, just behind a rock where gold would normally settle out in high water – which was the previous theme in the thread abpout laying you treasures up in heaven….

  • Darren B

    Well,I just did two blog posts on my blog about your book which I bought from Amazon last month
    (and still haven’t read,apart from two SE sections in your book).
    I came here to tell you about the sync I had with your book the first time I opened it,here’s what I wrote about the sync on my blog -
    “Having just listened to all the You Tubes in the post on Dr Kirby Surpise’s book “Synchronicity”,

    I decided to pick up his book and just open it to a random page.

    He has what he calls “synchronistic events” highlights scattered throughout the book

    and on the page I opened 178,he had this -

    “My daughter and her friend Rose are here for a visit.Rose
    has been reading one of the final versions of this book.She is here to
    tell me that she has been testing the model by making SEs about
    Australia appear around her.She says her mind is being blown because the
    universe appears to react to her thoughts.She is having a lot of SEs
    about Australia and Australians.She picked the subject because it was
    unlikely to appear much around her,until now.I remind her that the
    effect is produced by her own thought-forms.”

    I swear on my life that I am not making this up. 

    For those that may not be aware I’m an Australian who lives just outside Brisbane,in Queensland,Australia.

    But Dr Kirby,how does that explain my thought-forms?

    As I was just flipping open the book to see if I would be surprised…so to speak.

    I must say that your book may be a better read than I was anticipating? “When I came here to tell you about
    the sync,I saw this post three posts below,so thought this would be the
    appropriate place to write this comment.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the comment. As for explaining your thoughtforms, please read the book. The material on thoughtforms and how they work would take waaaaay tooo looong to explain here. After your done I’d be glad to talk with you about it.


  • Donald R Bernard Co

    Earlier I might have dismissed stories such as the above, but Robert Anton Wilson, a favorite author of mine has been describing EXACTLY THE SAME PHENOMENA as Rose above!

    Plus after reading Kirby’s Synchronicity, I don’t find his overview of current physics theories to be inaccurate at all. I find Dr. Surprise’s account in Chaoter 7 – The Big Picture to be quite credible.

    I have a BS meter and in this case it is not registering. Rather, it is my There’s-Something-Worth-Understanding-Here Meter that is registering.

  • Donald R Bernard Co

    Also, has anyone heard of Bashar, a “channeled alien entity” who has a LOT of videos on the YouTube with what many might consider “zany” teachings. Guess what, I am grokking very very similar ideas in what he is saying as from Kirby’s book.

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